Thursday, December 25, 2008

Isip Isip is Back!

We are now back! is now online! Again? No.. not again, but not-again. We decided to make this site isip isip so that we can think think. Isip means think in english, that's why isip isip stands for think think. We will post different ramblings about anything that we can isip isip of. If you can isip something that we don't yet isip, then give us a shot! How? we don't know how, just learn to think and isip a way to inform us, without the comments box, and without any isip isip e-mail, we know that it's not that easy to think. But for sure, if you know where to look for, we know you can find it!

Imagine a world when the sum of all human knowledge is accessed for free, like Wikipedia! Nah.. this is irrelevant, but it's semi-relevant. Just learn to know where to look and you'll surely find it! Let's go isip isip!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Grazeon Experiment was a Success!

My Grazeon Plurk Test was a success. Next task it to optimize for less results. Let's see if this machine was inside the barrier, semi-inside, or still outside. If this is still outside, only specific permalinks were removed and not the root itself. I hope the contrary of the latter is right so that it will be less task for me and more time to make auto-bucks. This experiment will ensure the rapid indexing time and placement of a specific permalink. After this post I'll try to optimize another keyword again, let's see what happens next.

I hope this experiment is a success and the outcome would be positive.

Grazeon Plurk Test

This is a Grazeon Plurk Test. This keyword is not yet found in Google. I will test the indexing time again because this unwanted phenomenon occurred once more and I can't stop it. The only way to see if this blog is into total havoc or not is to optimize for keywords with no results, followed by less results, and almost more than less results. After a series of testing, I will decide again to change the main machine or observe the sub machine if it will go through the barrier. If all of these fail, time to replace to core oxygen to make this money making machine breath again.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stupid Plurk Day

Today, I did something stupid. As in very stupid. I made my friend mad at me because of what I did and I was so ashamed of what I did. I just realized how stupid it was after she was so mad at me. I don't know what to do but to accept the fact that I already did it and it was wrong and I was so stupid because I know that it was wrong but still, I did the wrong thing.

This stupid fault is unforgivable, I hope she can still forgive me for what I did. I hate myself because of this and I don't know what to say. I hope she can still contain to forgive me. Proximity really breeds contempt and this is the result of the contempt to her that is in me. I had learned my lesson. I hope I will not be stupid enough someday to do this thing again. If I did this again, I should be ready to say farewell to my close friends.

I'm so sorry. If you're reading this, I'm really sorry for what I did. I'm so humiliated because I did this thing that I already did. And I'm not Hiro Nakamura that has the ability to travel back to time and space and undo the wrong things that I already did. I'm just a mere, childish human being who makes mistake. A mistake that I already knew it will harm you, but still I did the stupid act to pursue it. I'm evil, I'm bad, I should be dead right now. My English is bad also, I'm like a below mediocre grade school who don't know grammar. I'm sorry for my bad engish and I'm sorry for being evil to my friends, like you... Sorry.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Malas, Kadiri at Kahiya Hiyang Plurk Day!

Today is my most malas, kadiri and kahiya hiyang Plurk Day. Why Kahiya Hiya? Because I thought that it's Monday today. Unfortunately, it was not. I went to the bank with full force to deposit some of my bucks to my Peso account. But sadly, it was closed. I didn't know what to do. I asked the guard why it was closed even if today is not a legal holiday and I haven't heard the news announcing that it's holiday today. Until I found out that it was Sunday today, not Monday. My bad... Really! It was a really bad, kahiya hiyang day.

Today is also my Kadiri Plurk day. While I was walking along Ayala Avenue, a drop of phlegm from the peaceful skies landed to my shirt. It was like, ewwww, so kadiri and I didn't know what to do, again. I stopped, looked, and listened. I turned back, and looked above, and behold! I can't see a thing because it was too dark. I then grabbed a piece of tissue inside my bag, good thing I brought one! I swiped it on my shirt where the sticky fresh phlegm was and threw that dirty piece of tissue in the garbage can. That's my most kadiri day.

Finally, my most Malas day. Why malas? Because I encountered that Kadiri thing and Kahiya Hiyang thing, that was why I'm malas. And this was my Plurk malas Day! Hurray!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Silent Plurk Day

Today I'm silent in Plurk because I'm busy sleeping. The only thing I remember I plurked was a single emoticon and nothing more. Oh sorry my bad. I have had Plurked twice today pala, the yawn with asterisk from start to end and the one the I've already mentioned. I will also include my Plurks yesterday because I haven't posted it here yet. I've had asked about the ATM thing. If there's really an ATM Machine or an ATM only. Because ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine, and it's redundant if I'll say Automated Teller Machine Machine, unless the machine mentioned is the machine to create the ATM. Apparently, an ATM Machine doesn't exist in the World Trade Center, because it's only an ATM, without the Machine.

Same with TIN. People are asking for your TIN number even if they were just asking for your TIN. Because TIN is already your Tax Identifacation Number. Unless, there's a group of TIN in a box with numbers. So that's TIN number.

That's all for today's Plurk. I just want to take note of the chronicles in my Plurk pages. Yay!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today's Plurk Gets Juicy!

I really love to be redundant. I blog about my plurks and plurk about my blog each and everyday. I don't know why. I just love to do it. So here we go again, blogging about what I've plurked for the past few days.

While reviewing my plurks on mobile view, I found out that I had a lot of twits that was synchronized in my plurk page. I was talking about my TX1000 Tablet PC wherein it was running for 4 days and I was amazed that it didn't shut down. Not like before if I turn it on for only a few hours it automatically shuts down. Now, it was healed from its sickness all by itself. I think this laptop has a mind of its own. It can think and it can understand. It can feel your wants and needs. It's like a robot with emotions. Hehe.

I really don't know if this laptop has a limit if turned it. Let's say, laptops should be only turned on 48 hours straight, if you're using your laptop for more than 48 hours, it will turn off. But this one acts differently. It turns of whenever it wants, anytime, any day, without prior notice. Sometimes it doesn't turn off even if it's running for more than a week.

I can't understand its hardware or software or any ware that I can't relate to. I just don't know where or what specific part of this computer has a problem.

Another thing that I'm plurking about is the hottest and sexiest cover girls in top Philippine magazines this December 2008. I also created a poll at Showbiz Gossips so that I can determine who's the hottest and sexiest female cover girl out there, based on the readers of Showbiz Gossips. I'm planning to make this trend monthly and I'm also surmising about creating a Top Cover Girls post in SG for the year 2008. Wherein I'll gather all magazine covers and list them based on what we like most: The SG Staff, Readers of SG, and sexy Magazine lovers nationwide!

I also shared to my Plurk friends that I have submitted my Notarized Affidavit as a proof that my annual BlogBank earnings do not exceed 720,000.00 Pesos, or else I'll be throwing away 15% of my income to the hands of the evil Philippine government officials.

That's all for my Plurk updates! Yay!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14 Plurks and a Bit of Showbiz!

No biggie this day. I've been offline for more than 20 hours today. I just went online a few hours ago. Everybody was talking about Marian Rivera being pregnant and Ding Dong Dantes is the big daddy! Another hot trend in my Plurk page today was about my Jologs posts. It's all about love, hate, hate and love. Emo-mode. I think that's all for now because I've been offline all day long. Yay!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Plurks for December 13, 2008

Here's a recap of My Plurks on December 13, 2008! I will do this recap each and every time I have the strength, power, and adrenaline to do so! If I don't have those three, I'm afraid... I'm very afraid to.. ahmmm!?!? I don't know what I am afraid of. I'm just afraid. Period!

1. I changed my "About Me" description to "Add me as a friend, and we're friends!" from "I'm a trying hard web developer and pro? blogger".

2. An Unknown Error has Happened. I thought I was alone and I'm the only one encountering this problem. I'm so happy after I found out that everyone on Plurk was experience this unknown error! Hurray!

3. I plurked about my friend who still didn't receive his Google Adsense PIN, until now. It has been a year since and he still didn't receive any letter from Google containing his PIN. He requested 5 times already. 4 times inside his Adsense account, and once thru e-mail at Google told him that they will try to send it again, if he still don't receive it, Google will send again. It's like sending forever without receiving, and that's just sad.

4. Dollar value goes up while the Philippine Peso goes down. And I'm so happy about it. As of writing this post, the FX rate is $1.00 = Php48.10. Isn't it awesome?!?!

5. Ooopss.. There's no number 5. I think that's all for now for the recap! Hurray!

MMOWS is now My Plurks!

I came to realize that I have a parked domain and I'm not using it for a long time now. I decided to use it here even if it's not related to my niche. MMOWS is now From now on, I'll be blogging from Thank you so much! I'm still waiting for the domain with the WWW to propagate. As of now, it still points to the GoDaddy parking page. I'm so pissed off about this slow propagation thing, but it really pays to wait. So I'll wait until the floods come.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Sims 2: Apartment Life Free Download

I've been looking for this game, The Sims 2: Apartment Life for weeks now. I'm having a hard time looking for this game for free, or just download it for free before I'll purchase it. The Sims 2 Apartment Life Free Download is what I'm trying to find, but I can't seem to find it. This is one of my most favorite games, and also my cousin's favorite.

The Sims 2: Apartment Life is the eighth and final expansion pack in the The Sims 2 video game series. That's why this game is pretty fun and exciting.

More details about the Sims 2: Apartment Life PC Game here!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Watch The Day The Earth Stood Still Movie Online Free

Watch The Day The Earth Stood Still Movie Online Free is one of the most searched keywords when you want to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still Movie Online. This is the second movie with the same title. The first movie was released last 1951, but this one is a very modern remake of the said movie. Starring Keanu Reeves as Klaatu (The Human Alien Protagonist of The Day the Earth Stood Still).

Watching this movie free online is not worth it. I'm going to watch this on IMAX to fully enjoy the 3D features of the said movie. This movie will be available on IMAX cinemas all over the world this December 7, 2008.

More details about The Day The Earth Stood Still Movie Online 2008 Movie Here!

Monday, December 8, 2008

SSS Online Inquiry System Website Problems

I've been encountering a lot of problems using the SSS Online Inquiry System. I don't know why they didn't fix it until now. My only concern is that they should be aware that a lot of people, specially us, SSS payers, wants to check how much they paid to SSS from the beginning of their employment. A lot wants to check their employment history, their SSS loans, and other necessary information about Social Security System. There are a lot of problems with their website, until now, these problems are still problems, and they don't have a solution to fix it. You can post your comments here about the SSS Online Inquiry System.

SSS Online Inquiry sucks today, tomorrow and forever. *Sigh*

Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you looking for awesome and memorable Christmas gifts for you love ones, family, and friends? You can check this cool Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb website and check their wide variety of gifts for you to choose from. From kids to teens, from family to friends, and any kind of gifts, you can find it in that nifty website.

You can also give a your love ones a domain, or a web host perhaps? Or any geek stuff, as long as you know that he or she likes it. Just give your gift from the heart and your love ones will surely like that gift. Because it's from you, and you gave it to him or her for free. What's important is that our love ones should be happy. If their happiness is not about gifts and other stuff, then don't give them a gift. If their happiness is about you, then give yourself to them. It's all about being happy of who you are, what you are doing, where you are right now, and what makes you happy.

Awesome Websites for Flash Games Online

Looking for the coolest and hippest flash games websites available for free on the world wide web today? Here are two of the best gaming websites out there wherein you can play your favorite games 100% free, absolutely free!

Free Online Games - is one of the best free online gaming websites available out there. They have a vast range of free arcade, puzzle and adventure games. You can play all you want all day long. The website is user-friendly, even young kids can easily browse and find their favorite game to play, online!

Dress Up Games - one of the hippest and coolest websites wherein you can play dress up doll games like Bratz, Barbie, and any games for girls is offers a wide array of dress up games and you'll surely love this website. If you love games, and you love dressing up your barbie dolls online, go to!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pacquiao Won Because De La Hoya Surrendered!

Pacquiao Won by TKO (Technical Knock Out), De La Hoya surrendered after the 8th Round! If you've missed the fight you can watch the Replay of De La Hoya Vs. Pacquiao and Download Pacquiao Vs. De La Hoya Video Fight. That's all for the news!

Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao! Congratulations to all Filipinos! Manny, you made us very very proud! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming and every people on earth specially in the Philippines is happy. Everyone is now thinking of what gifts to give to their love ones this Christmas. Others are exciting for the gifts that they will be receiving this Christmas. Others are exciting for their 13th-month and 14th-month pay to be received from their work place this Christmas. I'm also exciting this Christmas. I'm thinking of creating my own wish list so that someone who wants to give me a gift will not waste his or her time thinking of what to give to me. Nyok Nyok Nyok! Hehe.

That's all for now. Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy new year everyone. I'll be posting some Christmas Text Messages, Christmas Themes for Friendster and Myspace, Christmas Qoutes, and a whole lot more about this Yuletide Season.

De La Hoya Pacquiao Free Online Video Streaming

The impending momentum of this prestigious fight, known world wide as the Dream Match will soon reach its pinnacle and the verdict will soon be unleashed. Manny Pacquiao is now one of the most famous people in the entire world. Oscar de la Hoya is a living legend. Watching Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao Online for free or in free live video streaming websites is not worth it. Just spend some money to watch it in Pay-Per-View, if you don't have money, let's watch a replay of De La Hoya Vs. Pacquiao in local TV channels here in the Philippines. You can also opt to download a video of Pacquiao and De La Hoya Dream Match.

If we don't want to watch a replay of this prestigious event. We can always call our relatives if they availed a PPV for this match. If they didn't, we can always look at the windows of our neighbors so that we can't miss this prestigious event. If our neighbors don't have TV, and you also don't have a television set, you probably don't own a computer, so why bother to watch it online. There are many ways to watch it online, but it's no clear and exciting compared to a larger screen with clear live streaming like in Malls and Restaurants here in Manila that offers such. For the benefit of the doubt, I will collect links for you to watch Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya live online and for free.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crawl Test Minorodeon Effek

This is a crawl test post. My post title consists words that are not yet available in Google SERPs. This is one of the post to test if your blog is still crawled by or not. If this post is indexed right after I press the Publish Post button, it simply means that Google Bot and I were friends. But if the contrary happens, it's the end of the world. Minorodeon Effek is a new word that entered my mind 7 seconds ago... 8... 9.. and now 10 seconds ago. Just continue counting if you want to count how many seconds passed since I published this post.

EXPERIMENT RESULTS: It's crawled by Google after 1 minute 48 seconds! Slower than usual, but still, it's crawled.

ANALYSIS: No Data available in Live and Yahoo yet. Let's see how many hours will take for Yahoo and Live to crawl this post.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nyok: Defined and Elaborated

Nyok is the new word in town! It's all over the Philippine blog sphere and will soon invade the world blog sphere! Hahaha!

Here are some interesting posts about the new word "NYOK":

1. Nyok by Jehzeel Laurente
2. Nyok by Winston Almendras
3. Nyok by Micaela Rodriguez

More links about NYOK soon! Watch out, you could be the 4th on my nifty nyok list!

Nyok Nyok Nyok!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pacquiao Vs. De La Hoya Video Replay Download

The Dream Match: Manny Pacquiao Vs. Oscar De La Hoya will commence on December 7, 2008. This will be a very exciting, heart-pounding, and eye-popping match in the history of boxing. After the live boxing championship between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya, a complete replay of the match can be downloaded online.

You can bookmark this page if you want a copy of Pacquiao Vs. De La Hoya Video Replay Download. We'll be recording the fight and upload it here once done. If there are other resources available online, we will compile a complete set if links wherein you can conveniently download Pacquiao Vs. De La Hoya Video Replay.

This match will be very very very exciting. Based on the online surveys, Manny Pacquiao will win by knock out after the second half of the boxing match (6th to 12th round).

We're not sure, but let's wait and see this December 7, 2008.

For more details about the Dream Match, CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PSP Games Free Download

I love PSP that's why I'm collecting websites that offers PSP games free downloads. There are a lot of sites out there but there are only few reliable and safe websites where I can get my free psp games. I will be checking all the pages of Google, Yahoo and MSN to see where I can find these free psp games ready for download because buying PSP games is too expensive for me. I'm poor, and if you're also poor, then you're like me. We're both poor, that why we strive hard to get free psp games and download free psp games online or in the world wide web.

I know looking for free downloadable psp games is not that simple because there are a lot of sites out there that you can find offering free stuff, however, they don't really offer free psp games, only trial psp games. Trial PSP games are legal copy of PSP games, but are not full. You need to purchase to game in order to enjoy it in full version. These marketing schemes are effective nowadays. Try this and that software 30 days for free! You can download that specific software without paying a single cent, however, after 30 days, you won't be able to play this software, or that specific game or software will suddenly expire without prior notice. So, looking for full free psp games, or psp games full version free download is the right keyword if you're looking for free downloadable psp games.

So, without much a do, I will link my favorite PSP games sources online.
1. PSP Games Free Trial Downloads - this website provides trial PSP games for free! You can download genuine games here 100% free to try. Download free genuine PSP Games and try it yourself!
2. Download free PSP Games - this website provides a lot of sources of free PSP Games ready for download. You can see updated link wherein you can download awesome and juicy PSP Games that you'll surely love.
3. PSP Games Download Depot - this website offers a vast array of PSP Game reviews and PSP game download sources. It offers help and tutorials of how to get free games in the world wide web. It also offers free reviews of what are the best games nowadays for free!

That's all for that I can share for now for a short review of free downloadable PSP Games in the world wide web! Enjoy! have fun! and be amazed of free stuff in the internet! PSP Games Free Download.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

30-minute Obama Video Ad

The 30-minute Obama Video Ad is very controversial. There's no doubt Obama has a greater chance of winner the 2008 U.S. Elections. Below is the 30-minute Obama Video Ad that you'll surely love! (If you're an Obama Fan)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Resignation Letter Sample

Are you tired of your day job? Are you thinking of quitting from it? Do you want to free yourself from being a corporation slave, be your own boss, and work at home? Then, then first thing to do is right a resignation letter. You need to write an effective and boss-friendly resignation letter. To let you boss know that you need to quit your job not because you don't love it, not because you are tired, not because you hate your boss, but because you think that you don't have the passion to do what you are programmed to do. It's simply telling you that you are happy with the job, but you don't have the mojos to do it anymore. Because nothing's constant in this little world but CHANGE. In order to write an effective resignation letter, you need to read a resignation letter sample. There are a lot of resignation letter samples in the world wide web, but there were only a few that's effective and written from-the-heart.

Here's a very nice resignation letter written by Jehzeel Laurente of Jehzlau Concepts. I hope it helps you write your own resignation letter. You are free to copy the lines, get ideas from it, or even copy it all without credits to the owner of the article. Just don't let him know that you copied it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

No New Updates

I'm moving to my new apartment this week and I'm busy in my offline activities. I have no new posts nor updates in this blog so far. No latest event posts, no SEO posts, and no other related post in making money online. I'll be posting more goodies in this blog soon.

You can check my latest post at Jehzlau Concepts if you want. Thanks!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nintendo DSi Games Free Download

As soon as Nintendo DSi Games are available, then go back here and we'll provide you with free downloadable goodies for your Nintendo DSi. You can bookmark this page using your favorite bookmarking websites or your favorite web browsers. Me thinks that they will design more games for this dual touchscreen gaming console.

For Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite Games check this post. If you want more Nintendo DS Games and other downloadable goodies, check these cool NDS Games website.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Watch UFC Fight Night 15 Diaz vs Neer Fight Video Replay

On Sept 17, 2008 8PM ET/PT, Watch the UFC Fight Night Live featuring the boxing, jiu jitsu master Nate Diaz versus the king of knockouts and submission expert Josh “The Dentist” Diaz. This is gonna be awesome and exciting!

The venue of the Diaz vs Neer Ultimate Fighting Championship - UFC Fight Night Live is Omaha Civic Auditorium Nebraska on September 17 2008 8PM ET/PT. The match will also be televised via meaning “No PPV cost” CONTINUE READING...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Flurge, Flurg, Flerge, Flerg and Flerj Defined

Flurge is commonly misspelled as flirge, flurg, flerg, flurj , flirj, flurge, flirge, flurg , flurg, flirge, flerge, and flerg. This word was made famous by Hillary Clinton where she said that people should stop calling her a Flurge. After she uttered Flurge or whatever you spell it, people are now curious what did this word mean? To know the meaning of Flurge, click here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nero 8 Crack, Nero 8 Serial, and Nero 8 Key

Nero is the most well known software to burn digital files onto a CD or DVD. It's really called Nero Burning ROM, but it was commonly called by many as Nero. A limited-functionality version of Nero Burning ROM is distributed as Nero Express, mainly aimed at the casual market. It has simplified, stream-lined menus presumably for a less computer-savvy audience. Many are looking now to have a copy of Nero 8 Premium Version or Full Version that's why they were searching for Nero 8 Crack, Nero 8 Serial and Nero 8 Keys or Key Generators. For more information about Nero 8 Crack, Serial and Keygen you can visit this post about Nero 8 Crack.


Ano ang talumpati at ano ang mga halimbawa nito? Kung ikaw ay nag hahanap ng mga halimbawa ng Talumpati, maari lamang pumunta sa pahinang ito upang makita ang inyong hina hanap. Maraming Salamat po.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kanye West Love Lockdown Lyrics

If you're looking for Kanya West Love Lockdown Lyrics go here! If you're looking for the 2008 VMA Video I don't have it. If you're looking for an MP3 of Kanye West Love Lockdown or any downloadable audio file, click here Just go here to get a copy of Kanya West Love Lockdown Lyrics. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

UFC 88 Video Replay

UFC 88 Breakthrough : Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell vs. Rashad “Sugar” Evans Replay Video

After winning over Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79, UFC legend Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell is back to face undefeated light heavyweight contender Rashad “Sugar” Evans. This will be a great, jaw-dropping and eye-popping UFC event for all UFC fans all over the world!

Will Evans beat Liddell to jump to the top of the 205-lb. rankings? Or will Liddell successfully continue his crusade to regain the Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC Light Heavyweight Title? Let's see and watch out! :D This fight would be very exciting than ever!

UFC 88 Video Replay and Updates!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Watch UFC 88 Breakthrough: Liddell vs Evans Free Live Video Streaming

Watch UFC 88 Liddell vs Evans Free Live Video Streaming! UFC 88: Breakthrough is an upcoming mixed martial arts event to be held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on September 6, 2008 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The event will be headlined by a light heavyweight bout between Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell and Rashad “Sugar” Evans. This fight will be very exciting and exhilarating.

TRIVIA: The Breakthrough event is the unfinished business of Liddell and Evans which is supposed to be on UFC 85, but Liddell was forced to withdraw from the card due to a hamstring injury. This is the first fight of Liddell since the stunning victory over Warderlei Silva at UFC 79, where Evans is currently undefeated light heavyweight contender. Will Evans plow through Liddell to jump to the top of the 205-lb. rankings? Or will Liddell successfully continue his crusade to regain the UFC Light Heavyweight Title?

Let's see and watch out this 5th of September! Click here for UFC 88 Updates!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Free Java Games for Nokia

In here, we'll be posting sources for free Java Games for your Nokia phone. This includes Nokia 6233, 6234, 6280, 6010, 6630, 6060, 6030, 6085, 6015i, 6016i, 6019i, 6020, 6021, 6070, 6085, 6086, 6100, 6101, 6102, 6202i, 6103, 6108, 6111, 6120, 6125, 6126, 6131, 6133, 6136, 6135, 6155i, 6165i, 6170, 6175i, 6200, 6215i, 6220, 6225, 6230, 6230i, 6235, 6800, 6880, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7360, 7370, 7380, 7600, 7610, 7650, 7710, 7900, 8265, 8265i, 8390, 8600, 8800, 8801, 8890, 9300, 9500, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E70, E90, N70, N73, N75, N76, N78, N770, N78, N80, N81, N82, N90, N91, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N96, NGage, NGage QD and many other Nokia phone models.

These are just the phone models that I remembered and can run Java games. Here are some links wherein you can get free Java games. More to come soon!

1. Free Java Games for your Nokia Phone

Nintendo DS Games Free Download

Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, NDS, DS or whatever you call it, it's all the same. Nintendo DS Games Free Download is one of the most searched keyword if you're looking for homebrewed Nintendo DS Games also known as NDS ROMS or Nintendo DS ROMS. People also call it DS ROMS, but a wide array of Nintendo DS Gamers prefer to use the term "Nintendo DS Games" rather than NDS Roms or NDS Games or any terminology similar to it. I love to play DS, that's why I'll be listing here some of my Nintendo DS Game sources online. Here they are:

1. Nintendo DS Lite Games Free Download
2. Download Free Nintendo DS Games

More links coming soon. So bookmark this page and come back soon to find out more websites that offer free downloadable Nintendo DS Games, NDSL Games, Nintendo DS Lite Games, DS Games, NDS Games, Nintendo DS Homebrewed Games and NDS ROMS

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nuffnang Philippines

Nuffnang, the first and leading blog advertising company in Asia is now in the Philippines! The official launch date of Nuffnang PH is on August 27, 2008. It's a CPM ad system wherein you get paid each and everything there's a new unique visitor that visits your blog. They also pay you on time. Your payments will be sent to you via Paypal, Check or Bank Transfer 30 days after you've reached the minimum amount of 2,000 Pesos. To know more about Nuffnang, visit Jehzlau Concepts.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Physicians Licensure Examination Results for August 2008

The Physicians Board Exam Results for August 2008 also known as the Physicians Licensure Examination Results for August 2008 will be posted at! You can subscribe to PRC Board Exam Results via SMS, RSS, or E-mail to be updated upon the release of the August 2008 Physicians Licensure Examination Results. You can also bookmark this page to come back easily once the results are available online. Thank you so much for your continuous patronage.

Monday, August 18, 2008

WWE Summerslam 2008 Results and Winners!

WWE Summerslam 2008 Results and Winners! The hottest and most awaited WWE Event this year has ended. The following are the results of 2008 WWE Summerslam!

1. Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix defeated Kofi Kingston & Mickie James in Winners Take All Match. Santino Marella is the new Intercontinental Champion and Beth
2. Phoenix is the new Women’s Champion.
3. Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Jeff Hardy.
4. Batista defeated John Cena (wwe summerslam 2007 champion).
5. Matt Hardy defeated Mark Henry (Disqualification)
6. CM Punk defeated JBL.
7. Triple H defeated The Great Khali.
8. The Undertaker defeated Edge in a Hell in a Cell Match

Congratulations to all the WWE Summerslam 2008 Champions and the all who participated in this big and "WOW" event this year in WWE!

To watch the replay of WWE Summerslam 2008 CLICK HERE! for a replay video streaming via of 2008 WWE Summerslam CLICK HERE!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympics Medal Tally

To know about the latest 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally, Olympic Medal Standings, or Olympics Medal Count, or whatever you call it, you can check this 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally post. The 2008 Olympics in Beijing was very hot and fun and extremely exciting.

The leading country is currently the United States followed by China then Australia. The Olympics get so exciting as the end is near and a lot of people are waiting for the prestigious 2008 Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Friday, August 15, 2008

iPhone 3G Philippines

iPhone 3G in the Philippines will be out this August 22, 2008. That's the final release date of this awesome smart phone by Apple. The price of iPhone ranges from hp37,599 for 8GB and Php43,799 for 16GB.

Now that's a bit expensive eh? Compared to the standard U.S. Price of $199.00, Globe really took advantage of raising the price high because their the only licensed carrier for Apple iPhone in the Philippines.

To know more about Globe Telecom's Plan offerings and other offers click here. Thanks to Yuga for the heads up.

If you have jailbreaked your iPhone and installed Summerboard but it's inactive, you can check my post here. To know how to unlock iPhone 3G and activate it, click here.

Btw, if you're from UK and want to unlock your iPhone, here's an iPhone 3G unlock service for you. They can now fully unlock the iPhone 3G for use on any network, just in time for the iPhone 3G PAGO release in the UK which was released today, Tuesday 16th September! The bargain price for this service? Just £29.99 DIY or £59.

Bigfoot in Georgia

There had been rumors that was spreading wild in United States and Canada that there's a Bigfoot sighted in Georgia by two people from Georgia during their so-called expedition in the Northern Woods in the United States. Still, they could not prove that the Bigfoot in Georgia really exists.Tthe group will prove that what they saw is really a Bigfoot! There is no comparison specimen, there is no DNA analysis that can definitively identify Bigfoot tissue. But, this new is really intersting that abominable snowmans really exist, just like what I saw in the movie The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

To know more about the Bigfood in George, continue reading here.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 Medal Count and Tally Updates

Beijing Olympics 2008 Medal Tally Updates also known as Medal Count or Standings. We'll be posting the updates for Gold Medals, Silver Medals and Bronze Medal Updates here. To be updated about the 2008 Beijing Olympics standings for each country you can subscribe to us via bloglines here for free.

For more information about Beijing Olympics 2008 Medal Tally Updates, Click Here!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Vedio, Vidios, Vedios and Vidio

There are words that are not yet discovered, like the words that I'm using in my post title. Vidios, Vidio, Vedio, and Vedios. Basically, these words appear in Google, Yahoo and MSN, because people use it. I don't know how they use it, maybe it's a personal name, or a brand name, or it's just a common mispelling of the right word that they are trying to search.

I have found a very useful article explaining what are these words, if you want to know more about Vidio and Vedio and their so calle plural forms, check the list below:

1. Vedio: Definined and Elaborted
2. Vedio, Vidios, Vidio and Vedios

Qoutes: Love, Inspirational, Friendship, etc.

There are a lot of qoutes available in the world wide web, specially love qoutes, funny qoutes, inspiration qoutes and a whole lote more of qoutes! If you love to collect qoutes, then visit or you can click here to know more about Qoutes. I really love qoutes because... Ahmmm.. I just don't know why, I just love to read qoutes and text qoutes thru SMS.

To know more information about QOUTES click here!

Monday, July 21, 2008

What's the best ISP in the Philippines?

If you're looking for the best Internet Service Provider or ISP (Broadband Connection, T1 Connection, T3 Connection, DSL Connection) in the Philippines, click HERE!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Another Newbie T-Shirt Design

My cousin Unno asked me a while ago to create a T-shirt design for their class. He was such in a hurry because they need the design tomorrow, that why I created a quickie T-shirt design for him. This was the outcome of my 10-minute shirt design:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 18, 2008 Earthquake in the Philippines

It is rumored that on July 18, 2008, a very strong earthquake will hit the Philippines! Is this true or false? Click here to find out!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Aircon Reviews

Looking for the best brand of Air Conditioning System or Aircon Reviews (Common misspelling of Filipinos for Air Con). Check this post out, it's a review of the Aircon the Blogging Bought. A short review of YORK Air Conditioning system, one of the world's best Air Conditioner after Daikin (The world's best brand in the field of HVAC).

Subscribe to us via Bloglines to be informed about the latest Air Con reviews and other HVAC reviews. We'll be compiling more Aircon Reviews soon!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Swap Blog Name and Post Title in Blogger

This is the basic SEO thing for Blogger/Blogspot blogs, if you want to have a better title display in the SERPs, you need to swap your post title with your blog name, or completely erase your blog name while viewing your blog post. Below are the instructions of both. It's your choice whether to retain your blog name or not, while viewing a single post.

To Swap your blog name and post title in Blogger follow Jackbook's Tip by clicking here.

To erase your blog name while viewing your blog post (if you want that your post title only will appear while you're in your blog post page) you need to follow Scrapur's tip by clicking here.

I hope this helps...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

People Still Loves Xpango

I don't know why, but a lot of people still crave for free gadgets even if it's hard to get. As what I had observed, Xpango users still looks for referral even if they know that if their referral does not purchase anything from Xpango or its affiliates, they will still cannot gain points and earn their way to a free Sony PSP, Nintendo Wii, and other hot gadgets from Xpango.

If you want to get something, you need to work for it. It's like working harder and harder to earn and get you gadget. Technically, it's really not for free. You need to work for it in order for you to gain it. It just sounds like free because you didn't spend any penny, but it's not really free, because you'll work for it, as what I said above. It's the same as you are working for Xpango, and selling items to your friends, but... take not.. but, with zero capital. It's like your day job. You don't have a capital, but you earn. Same with Xpango, you don't have a capital but you earn. Of course, there's indeed a capital, but it's not money. It's your time, Xpango pays for your time. You look for people, Xpango earns from them and you earn from Xpango through free gadgets. That's what I presume and that's a fact, a very clear fact that everything in this world is not really for free.

It's earned from working in a subtle way.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Week of May was a Lucky Week!

Last week of May was indeed a very lucky week for me. My earnings are now averaging at $50 per day, sometimes more than $50 per day. :)

Advertisers also contacted me and paid hundreds of dollars for text link ads on my blog.

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just Received My Highest Google Adsense Earnings Today!

I'm so happy that I received my highest Google Adsense Earnings Today! Yipeee! Paki bilang nalang.. Hehehe... Kinuha ko from Western Union at 43.6 ang exchange rate today kaya pinapalitan ko nalang lahat. :) Pesos na puro 1,000.00 na buo. Yey!

Monday, May 26, 2008

It was a great day today

Why? Because it wasn't not great that's why it was great. I just added a discussion thread of DOST-SEI online community in my sidebar so that I won't miss any discussion in the DOST scholars forum. I always forgot to check the questions because I don't visit the site as often as before. Now, I can check it more often because I had subscribe to the forum feeds.

You can also subscribe to DOST-SEI online community if you want to. You can syndicate it to your favorite reader, you can also subscribe via e-mail to receive e-mail updates about the latest buzz in the DOST scholars forumsphere! Yay! May forum sphere ba? hehehe...

For those who wants to subscribe to DOST scholars' forum feeds. Subscribe now by clicking here!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Planning to buy a new toy gadget

I'm planning to buy a new toy gadget next month. Still skeptical whether to go for an NDS lite or a Sony PSP. PSP if the best gaming console in the whole wide world, I guess. While NDS was a also one of the best gaming consoles out there. I can also draw using NDS because it has a touch screen capability while PSP hasn't. I can download free NDS (Nintendo DS) games in the internet and I can also download free PSP games in the internet. I can play a lot of games using my Nintendo DS lite. I can also play a lot of games using my PSP gaming console.

The PSP graphics was way too good compared to the NDS lite's graphics. But the gaming style of Nintendo DS was unique compared to the PSP. Hehehe. I'm just confusing myself with this useless post. Why not get the 2 of it? Diba? Para hindi na ako malito sa kaka pili at kaka sulat ng mali maling english na to. Arrrrrrrrgggh....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Best Online Casino Site!

For so long, my Dad was looking for the best USA online casinos website, but found none. He asked me to help him find the websites that offer such. With the help of Google, I have found this awesome website that was all about online casinos. My dad should thank me for this! Hehe.

The site was This website was an American Online casinos site featuring online casinos that accept USA players from all American states with No Restrictions! They have many features, such as big bonus casinos, free casinos, no deposit casinos, and flash casinos. They also had a very comprehensive and easy to use casinos guide. A lot of these casinos offer large bonuses, and free no deposit bonuses. A must see website for anyone interested in online gambling.

After giving the URL to my dad, he jumped for joy. He really thanked me because of this really awesome Online casinos website. Because of this, he will not be going offline just to visit the nearest casino where he can play and waste all his time in gambling. Hehehe.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My blog was featured on Manila Bulletin's Blog-o-Rama

I was so happy when my blog was featured on Manila Bulletin's Blog-o-Rama. Here's a snap shot of Page D5, Technews Page of Manila Bulletin dated May 4, 2008. Hep Hep Hurray! For more information, check my post about it in my main blog here.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton Boxing Video

There's only 1 day left to witness this amazing battle between the east and the west!

Excited to watch this amazing event? Let me share to you some of the useful links that will blog about the event live! And they will also provide useful resources so that we can Watch Pacquiao Vs Hatton Live Stream Online for Free!
1. Watch Hatton Vs Pacquiao Live Stream
2. Pacquiao Vs Hatton Live Stream
3. Hatton Vs Pacquiao Live Stream Online
4. Watch Hatton Vs Pacquiao Free Live Stream
5. Hatton Vs Pacquiao Live Stream

So are you excited to watch? Because I AM! Let's wait and see what will happen this May 3, 2009!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why People Are Looking for Qoutes?

People are looking for qoutes, because they love qoutes. They don't care even if it's misspelled because with the help of Google they can find what they are looking for. There are a lot of qoutes avaialable in the web. Millions of qoutes are free to be copied without proper notice the the owner of it.

I don't know why it's free. I think because it's easy to make that's why it's free. If it's difficult to create, it has a high price, if it's easy to generate, it's free.

Everybody can make their own qoute. You can invent a qoute without limits, as much as you want! There is no law stating that creating qoutes is prohibited by law. You are free to create any qoute that you want. The first qoute that was created was of no origin. Nobody knowns where the first so-called qoute came from. I don't know what to say next about qoutes. All I can think of is more than 50% of internet users misspelled the word QUOTE as QOUTE. It's not an obvious mistake, that's why they keep on repeating the same mistake over and over again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Buy It When You Can Have Get For Free?

This is the motto of almost all people nowadays. Why Buy a stuff if you can get if for free? A lot of people wants free stuff even if it's illegal. I now, each and everyone of you had your own illegal stuff. There is no single person in this world that is 100% righteous and never committed a single copy right infringement. Even people who are pretending to be good and are proclaiming their own being as 100% righteous still commits a crime even if he or she admits it or not.

A lot of people are using Google to check if this kind of stuff is available and if they can get it for free. As what I have observed the NOD32 Internet Security and NOD32 Anti-Virus software are one of the hottest software that people wants for free. They are searching for for it by typing the keyword: NOD32 Crack, if there's no luck, they will try the alternate keywords such as: NOD32 Serial and NOD32 Keygen. However, a lot of people still can't find a crack that's why they are looking for other ways of how to commit a crime.

People here in the Philippines don't mind about this copyright infringement cases. They don't care if they committed a crime of not through copying a software that is not really for free. Copying MP3s, MOVs, and other media files are also prohibited but a lot of people, specially FILIPINOS don't care about it. They just copy free media files even if they know that it's a crime to do so.

Even me, I don't care about it. As much as I want to buy a licensed software or media file, I can't. Why? Because I don't have enough bucks to purchase those things. We can blame anyone or anybody. If you don't have enough money, so be it. If you have enough, then you're lucky. We need to work hard and leave the Philippine islands to do it. But, even if you don't leave the country and you are resourceful enough to get some bucks online, you can be rich even if you are working in the Philippines. That's all for now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why Seyoh?

This blog is suppose to be my SEO blog. Seyoh is taken from the acronym SEO, which is commonly read by the others as seyoh. That's why I decided to register the domain Reasons behind the registration of this domain are as follows:

1. The domain is easy to remember. It's just a 5-letter domain, also known to the domain enthusiasts as Which means a domain with 5 letters. There are also domains called which means a domain with 5 characters. This can be composed of letters + numbers. There are a lot of and available for registration as of writing this post. However, are all registered last November 2007. I wish I have one 4-letter domain. The only 4-letter domains that are available are the dot NETs, ORGs, INFOs, and other low-level domains.

2. The domain is cute. Yes, it's indeed cute. I love the domain because it's short and cute. It's really one of the best domains out there, for me. Hehehe. I know only a few can appreciate a domain now. People with not Internet knowledge, specially in the world of domains, doesn't care how much is the domain's value, or whatever. All they want is if you have a domain, you have a website. That's all. I don't know how to measure a domain's value. It's in the user's own will of how much is the domain's price.

3. The domain is still AVAILABLE. Yes! this is the main reason that's why I registered this domain, because it's still available. A lot of good domains are not available. There are also long domains that are not available but it's really sad to know that they are already registered. I have a new website for PSP Games Free Download, and I want it to have a similar domain like pspgamesfreedownload dot com or downloadfreepspgames dot com. However, they are all registered, only 2nd top level domains are available like .net, and I want a top level domain like .com, that's why I decided to think of another domain for my PSP site and I have decided to register I think this is a good choice for me.

So, that's all for now. I just want to share the reasons why my domain name is Seyoh. It should be all about SEO stuff. However, I have decided it to use in my personal blog because I have no time to create more posts about SEO, maybe later like next year or perhaps next next year. If I find time. Hehehe. Sorry for my very bad english. I'm so annoyed of myself because I can't write good english. I write like an idiot who knows nothing about grammar even If I'm a college graduate. Ohhh.. watta shame. :(

Friday, April 11, 2008

Why Kids Love Games?

I wonder why a lot of kids out there loves to play boring games. Like Dress up doll games, Dora the Explorer Games, and other Similar games. These games are so boring. I can't even spend a few seconds playing those games. I really have a hard time understanding children of why they love it.

Whether it's a role playing game or just a simple puzzle game, the main thing is, it still sucks big time. These games are very addiciting, kids love to play with it all night. They can't even sleep sometimes because they really want to put their eyes on their PC monitors and concentrate on their favorite dress up games and Dora games.

I have tried to play these games and I found it not entertaining. I'd rather play NDS Games and Download Free Nintendo DS Games online or PSP Games (There are a lot of Free PSP Games available for download in the world wide web). XBOX Games are also good, but I haven't tried it yet. It's been a while since I spent my whole day in front of a computer monitor playing arcade games. At the end, I get nothing, I only wasted my precious time. I should have read books and read online articles that are productive.

Still, games are fun and enjoyable. But it depends on the game that you are into. Choose the right game that suites you. Don't play games that will just waste your time and money. Play education games, like quiz games, or role playing games that you can benefit into. I think there's no other games that I can benefit. Nahhh.. I'm talking nonsense here. Just play if you want to play. If you don't want to, think of other productive activities that you can waste your time into.

Sorry for this article's poor grammar and punctuations. I just can't write well as others do. I'm still a newbie at this stuff. Even if I'm doing this for 2 years now, I still suck in writing anything. Whether it's on the keyboard or a pen on paper, I still suck bigtime. My paragraphs are redundant. It keeps on repeating over and over again. I can't even notice that I just repeated what I already said. My grammar senses are quite low and my vocabulary are lower than my grammar I.Q. My brain is like a brain of a fish. Staring at nothing, swimming with no direction, looking for food, waiting... just waiting until death will quench my sight.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Problem with Hostican

After having a problem with the said host because our files at PRC Board Exam Results website was corrupted and they don't even have a single back up of it, I encountered another problem with Hostican. This time, it's about uploading a file. I was annoyed the day before yesterday because I can't seem to upload a single text file. I have downloaded it, edited it and dragged it back to my host using SmartFTP. At first, I thought the problem was with my internet connection, because I'm using Smart Bro, and I assumed that my connection is the main cause that's why I cannot upload a single text file. Sad to say, but the problem is with my lovely web host.

How did I come to this conclusion? I tried to upload a file to another host. I have a dreamhost account, and tried to upload the said text file to it, and it was uploaded in a snap. Therefore, the problem is with Hostican. I then contacted Hostican to report such problem, and they only replied that my password is incorrect. However, it's very obvious that my password is correct because I explained to them that I can DOWNLOAD! However, I cannot upload a single file. I can only only access my host but can't update it.

My websites and blogs are up, I can edit its content using their respective online editors. But if I want to add an image, or upload a file using any uploading software, I seems not to be successful. I sent a follow up e-mail to Hostican regarding my uploading problems. They replied with a message containing that my password is incorrect.

Got Dammit! I can access it, and my password is still incorrect? Their reason is so lame! So I changed my password then sent an update e-mail to them that I have changed my password so that they can access it. I have waited for 24 hours already, and they don't even bother to reply. Grrrrr... I'm so annoyed with their VERY POOR service. Too bad, I gave them another chance,and stayed with them, even if all of our files are deleted once.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Teen Edition Plus Housemates

PBB Teen Edition Plus Housemates are giving a lot of websites and blogs a lot of dollars nowadays. So what I'm doing is joining the wagon of these Adsensers. While the trend is high, let's optimize for such keyword. That's why SEO is very very very fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do You Love Pringles?

I'm eating Pringles right now... The green one. Want some? If you want some Pringles, go to 7/11 or Mini Stop, I'm sure they have a lot of it. If I say a lot, I mean a LOT!

A PR4 Blog with No Posts

Hurray! I can now post on my blog! This is really great and great and great! Hahahaha! By the way, I would like to give a link love to my seocontest2008 entry, and to my new blog at Jehzlau Concepts

If you're here looking for my blog and was so afraid because it's now gone, fear not, because it was not really gone, but was moved to a new platform called wordpress, visit me now at
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