Saturday, May 24, 2008

Planning to buy a new toy gadget

I'm planning to buy a new toy gadget next month. Still skeptical whether to go for an NDS lite or a Sony PSP. PSP if the best gaming console in the whole wide world, I guess. While NDS was a also one of the best gaming consoles out there. I can also draw using NDS because it has a touch screen capability while PSP hasn't. I can download free NDS (Nintendo DS) games in the internet and I can also download free PSP games in the internet. I can play a lot of games using my Nintendo DS lite. I can also play a lot of games using my PSP gaming console.

The PSP graphics was way too good compared to the NDS lite's graphics. But the gaming style of Nintendo DS was unique compared to the PSP. Hehehe. I'm just confusing myself with this useless post. Why not get the 2 of it? Diba? Para hindi na ako malito sa kaka pili at kaka sulat ng mali maling english na to. Arrrrrrrrgggh....
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