Friday, January 30, 2009

Slept for more than 24 hours

Oh my, I never realized that I skipped 1 day in my life. Sleeping for more than 24 hours saves a lot of money, but it's like wasting 1 day of your life. I'm asleep for almost 30 hours and never realized how long it was because I'm sleeping.

I want to work but I'm so tired of working. The spirit of slacking is all over my nerves, my veins, and my heart. It's pounding with my heart every minute and every second. I can feel it all over my body. I breathe with it, eat with it, and live with it. I need to sleep now because I'm tired of writing. It's like having a coma voluntarily. I love it because I'm saving, but I'm wasting my time here on planet Earth. My mission here was no realized, no complied and forgotten into an unending war whole. I'm talking nonsense here, so goodbye and I'll sleep again. Good night everyone!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar Awards 2009 Final List of Nominees and Nominations

We do hope that this annual film awards will be another success in the history of Oscars. The 2009 Oscar awards will be more exciting and more astounding this year because a lot of good films had the potential to be a part of this momentous event! Everyone around the world are excited to know the final list of the Oscar Awards Nominees!

A few hours from now the 2009 Oscar Awards List of Nominees and Nominations will be announced to the public! We are so excited to know who made it to the Oscars and who are nominated for this prestigious event. As of the moment, we are eyeing for Slumdog Millionaire to make it to the final list of Nominees this 2009!

Let's all see and wait for the final list of the 2009 Oscar Awards List of Nominees and Nominations!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

32768: History and Explanation

I first heard the number 32768 from my classmate in high school named Ryan. I forgot what he was referring to, I think it's the maximum product of something from two or more numbers, or the maximum factorial, permutation or combination of different set of numbers. I remember that he was talking about exponents, and the maximum number that the calculator can show you is 32768. But I'm not sure of it because I completely forgot what he was trying to say or what he was referring to.

I then search for 32768 in Google and found different results. In other websites, it's an error code, others consider it as nothing but a number after 32767 and before 32769. Whereas, in the PHP Manual, it's the maximum generated random integer, if my understanding to what I've read was right.

Oh well, whatever 32768 means, it's not like the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything which is 48.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Nyok Mordecayik Lisdi Munta Munta

Nyok Mordecayik Lisdi Munta Munta is a Wardraffian phrase which means I wanna eat. If you wanna eat just tell a Wardraffian Nyok Mordecayik Lisdi Munta Munta. Munta Munta is I or Me, it's singular and referring to oneself. Lisdi means wanna or I want. You can also use it if you need something like Kon Lisdi Munta Munta, or I want that! And Mordecayik means eat! If you've already eaten, you can use Mordecayik Iz (ate or have eaten in English). Iz can be added to any Wardraffian word and it's understood that it's past tense. And Nyok was added to all their phrases. It's like please or "po" in tagalog. It's always added in every sentence or phrase as respect to the second person. If there's no "Nyok" in a sentence, a Wardraffian is considered disrespectful to its fellow Wardraffian.

That's all for our Wardraff lessons today! Stay tuned for more Wardraff words, phrases and etc etc.. I'll be posting in this blog the facts, culture, countries, history, food, and everything about the Planet Wardraff.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Post from Isip Isip

This is a new year post from Isip Isip. I don't know what to say but happy new year to everyone! Goodbye 2008, welcome 2009. Let's start once again! After 365 days, it's 2010 and we'll start once more. New year, new day, new calendar, and there's nothing else new. Just a new "year". But if you are a really keen observer, you will notice that the earth is just playing around with us. I mean not the earth, but the inventor of the calendar. Without the calendar, there's no new year. We will never notice that another year has come and the previous year was gone. We will get old, but we'll never know our age because we have no basis of our age. It's just like we are getting old and we don't know how old we are. I don't know what to say next, but, happy new year! Hehe.
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