Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Buy It When You Can Have Get For Free?

This is the motto of almost all people nowadays. Why Buy a stuff if you can get if for free? A lot of people wants free stuff even if it's illegal. I now, each and everyone of you had your own illegal stuff. There is no single person in this world that is 100% righteous and never committed a single copy right infringement. Even people who are pretending to be good and are proclaiming their own being as 100% righteous still commits a crime even if he or she admits it or not.

A lot of people are using Google to check if this kind of stuff is available and if they can get it for free. As what I have observed the NOD32 Internet Security and NOD32 Anti-Virus software are one of the hottest software that people wants for free. They are searching for for it by typing the keyword: NOD32 Crack, if there's no luck, they will try the alternate keywords such as: NOD32 Serial and NOD32 Keygen. However, a lot of people still can't find a crack that's why they are looking for other ways of how to commit a crime.

People here in the Philippines don't mind about this copyright infringement cases. They don't care if they committed a crime of not through copying a software that is not really for free. Copying MP3s, MOVs, and other media files are also prohibited but a lot of people, specially FILIPINOS don't care about it. They just copy free media files even if they know that it's a crime to do so.

Even me, I don't care about it. As much as I want to buy a licensed software or media file, I can't. Why? Because I don't have enough bucks to purchase those things. We can blame anyone or anybody. If you don't have enough money, so be it. If you have enough, then you're lucky. We need to work hard and leave the Philippine islands to do it. But, even if you don't leave the country and you are resourceful enough to get some bucks online, you can be rich even if you are working in the Philippines. That's all for now.
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