Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crawl Test Minorodeon Effek

This is a crawl test post. My post title consists words that are not yet available in Google SERPs. This is one of the post to test if your blog is still crawled by Google.com or not. If this post is indexed right after I press the Publish Post button, it simply means that Google Bot and I were friends. But if the contrary happens, it's the end of the world. Minorodeon Effek is a new word that entered my mind 7 seconds ago... 8... 9.. and now 10 seconds ago. Just continue counting if you want to count how many seconds passed since I published this post.

EXPERIMENT RESULTS: It's crawled by Google after 1 minute 48 seconds! Slower than usual, but still, it's crawled.

ANALYSIS: No Data available in Live and Yahoo yet. Let's see how many hours will take for Yahoo and Live to crawl this post.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nyok: Defined and Elaborated

Nyok is the new word in town! It's all over the Philippine blog sphere and will soon invade the world blog sphere! Hahaha!

Here are some interesting posts about the new word "NYOK":

1. Nyok by Jehzeel Laurente
2. Nyok by Winston Almendras
3. Nyok by Micaela Rodriguez

More links about NYOK soon! Watch out, you could be the 4th on my nifty nyok list!

Nyok Nyok Nyok!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pacquiao Vs. De La Hoya Video Replay Download

The Dream Match: Manny Pacquiao Vs. Oscar De La Hoya will commence on December 7, 2008. This will be a very exciting, heart-pounding, and eye-popping match in the history of boxing. After the live boxing championship between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya, a complete replay of the match can be downloaded online.

You can bookmark this page if you want a copy of Pacquiao Vs. De La Hoya Video Replay Download. We'll be recording the fight and upload it here once done. If there are other resources available online, we will compile a complete set if links wherein you can conveniently download Pacquiao Vs. De La Hoya Video Replay.

This match will be very very very exciting. Based on the online surveys, Manny Pacquiao will win by knock out after the second half of the boxing match (6th to 12th round).

We're not sure, but let's wait and see this December 7, 2008.

For more details about the Dream Match, CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PSP Games Free Download

I love PSP that's why I'm collecting websites that offers PSP games free downloads. There are a lot of sites out there but there are only few reliable and safe websites where I can get my free psp games. I will be checking all the pages of Google, Yahoo and MSN to see where I can find these free psp games ready for download because buying PSP games is too expensive for me. I'm poor, and if you're also poor, then you're like me. We're both poor, that why we strive hard to get free psp games and download free psp games online or in the world wide web.

I know looking for free downloadable psp games is not that simple because there are a lot of sites out there that you can find offering free stuff, however, they don't really offer free psp games, only trial psp games. Trial PSP games are legal copy of PSP games, but are not full. You need to purchase to game in order to enjoy it in full version. These marketing schemes are effective nowadays. Try this and that software 30 days for free! You can download that specific software without paying a single cent, however, after 30 days, you won't be able to play this software, or that specific game or software will suddenly expire without prior notice. So, looking for full free psp games, or psp games full version free download is the right keyword if you're looking for free downloadable psp games.

So, without much a do, I will link my favorite PSP games sources online.
1. PSP Games Free Trial Downloads - this website provides trial PSP games for free! You can download genuine games here 100% free to try. Download free genuine PSP Games and try it yourself!
2. Download free PSP Games - this website provides a lot of sources of free PSP Games ready for download. You can see updated link wherein you can download awesome and juicy PSP Games that you'll surely love.
3. PSP Games Download Depot - this website offers a vast array of PSP Game reviews and PSP game download sources. It offers help and tutorials of how to get free games in the world wide web. It also offers free reviews of what are the best games nowadays for free!

That's all for that I can share for now for a short review of free downloadable PSP Games in the world wide web! Enjoy! have fun! and be amazed of free stuff in the internet! PSP Games Free Download.
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