Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Problem with Hostican

After having a problem with the said host because our files at PRC Board Exam Results website was corrupted and they don't even have a single back up of it, I encountered another problem with Hostican. This time, it's about uploading a file. I was annoyed the day before yesterday because I can't seem to upload a single text file. I have downloaded it, edited it and dragged it back to my host using SmartFTP. At first, I thought the problem was with my internet connection, because I'm using Smart Bro, and I assumed that my connection is the main cause that's why I cannot upload a single text file. Sad to say, but the problem is with my lovely web host.

How did I come to this conclusion? I tried to upload a file to another host. I have a dreamhost account, and tried to upload the said text file to it, and it was uploaded in a snap. Therefore, the problem is with Hostican. I then contacted Hostican to report such problem, and they only replied that my password is incorrect. However, it's very obvious that my password is correct because I explained to them that I can DOWNLOAD! However, I cannot upload a single file. I can only only access my host but can't update it.

My websites and blogs are up, I can edit its content using their respective online editors. But if I want to add an image, or upload a file using any uploading software, I seems not to be successful. I sent a follow up e-mail to Hostican regarding my uploading problems. They replied with a message containing that my password is incorrect.

Got Dammit! I can access it, and my password is still incorrect? Their reason is so lame! So I changed my password then sent an update e-mail to them that I have changed my password so that they can access it. I have waited for 24 hours already, and they don't even bother to reply. Grrrrr... I'm so annoyed with their VERY POOR service. Too bad, I gave them another chance,and stayed with them, even if all of our files are deleted once.
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