Saturday, December 20, 2008

Silent Plurk Day

Today I'm silent in Plurk because I'm busy sleeping. The only thing I remember I plurked was a single emoticon and nothing more. Oh sorry my bad. I have had Plurked twice today pala, the yawn with asterisk from start to end and the one the I've already mentioned. I will also include my Plurks yesterday because I haven't posted it here yet. I've had asked about the ATM thing. If there's really an ATM Machine or an ATM only. Because ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine, and it's redundant if I'll say Automated Teller Machine Machine, unless the machine mentioned is the machine to create the ATM. Apparently, an ATM Machine doesn't exist in the World Trade Center, because it's only an ATM, without the Machine.

Same with TIN. People are asking for your TIN number even if they were just asking for your TIN. Because TIN is already your Tax Identifacation Number. Unless, there's a group of TIN in a box with numbers. So that's TIN number.

That's all for today's Plurk. I just want to take note of the chronicles in my Plurk pages. Yay!
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