Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why Seyoh?

This blog is suppose to be my SEO blog. Seyoh is taken from the acronym SEO, which is commonly read by the others as seyoh. That's why I decided to register the domain seyoh.com. Reasons behind the registration of this domain are as follows:

1. The domain is easy to remember. It's just a 5-letter domain, also known to the domain enthusiasts as LLLLL.com. Which means a domain with 5 letters. There are also domains called CCCCC.com which means a domain with 5 characters. This can be composed of letters + numbers. There are a lot of LLLLL.com and CCCCC.com available for registration as of writing this post. However, LLLL.com are all registered last November 2007. I wish I have one 4-letter domain. The only 4-letter domains that are available are the dot NETs, ORGs, INFOs, and other low-level domains.

2. The domain is cute. Yes, it's indeed cute. I love the domain because it's short and cute. It's really one of the best domains out there, for me. Hehehe. I know only a few can appreciate a domain now. People with not Internet knowledge, specially in the world of domains, doesn't care how much is the domain's value, or whatever. All they want is if you have a domain, you have a website. That's all. I don't know how to measure a domain's value. It's in the user's own will of how much is the domain's price.

3. The domain is still AVAILABLE. Yes! this is the main reason that's why I registered this domain, because it's still available. A lot of good domains are not available. There are also long domains that are not available but it's really sad to know that they are already registered. I have a new website for PSP Games Free Download, and I want it to have a similar domain like pspgamesfreedownload dot com or downloadfreepspgames dot com. However, they are all registered, only 2nd top level domains are available like .net, and I want a top level domain like .com, that's why I decided to think of another domain for my PSP site and I have decided to register pspgamesdepot.com. I think this is a good choice for me.

So, that's all for now. I just want to share the reasons why my domain name is Seyoh. It should be all about SEO stuff. However, I have decided it to use in my personal blog because I have no time to create more posts about SEO, maybe later like next year or perhaps next next year. If I find time. Hehehe. Sorry for my very bad english. I'm so annoyed of myself because I can't write good english. I write like an idiot who knows nothing about grammar even If I'm a college graduate. Ohhh.. watta shame. :(
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