Sunday, December 21, 2008

Malas, Kadiri at Kahiya Hiyang Plurk Day!

Today is my most malas, kadiri and kahiya hiyang Plurk Day. Why Kahiya Hiya? Because I thought that it's Monday today. Unfortunately, it was not. I went to the bank with full force to deposit some of my bucks to my Peso account. But sadly, it was closed. I didn't know what to do. I asked the guard why it was closed even if today is not a legal holiday and I haven't heard the news announcing that it's holiday today. Until I found out that it was Sunday today, not Monday. My bad... Really! It was a really bad, kahiya hiyang day.

Today is also my Kadiri Plurk day. While I was walking along Ayala Avenue, a drop of phlegm from the peaceful skies landed to my shirt. It was like, ewwww, so kadiri and I didn't know what to do, again. I stopped, looked, and listened. I turned back, and looked above, and behold! I can't see a thing because it was too dark. I then grabbed a piece of tissue inside my bag, good thing I brought one! I swiped it on my shirt where the sticky fresh phlegm was and threw that dirty piece of tissue in the garbage can. That's my most kadiri day.

Finally, my most Malas day. Why malas? Because I encountered that Kadiri thing and Kahiya Hiyang thing, that was why I'm malas. And this was my Plurk malas Day! Hurray!
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