Thursday, December 25, 2008

Isip Isip is Back!

We are now back! is now online! Again? No.. not again, but not-again. We decided to make this site isip isip so that we can think think. Isip means think in english, that's why isip isip stands for think think. We will post different ramblings about anything that we can isip isip of. If you can isip something that we don't yet isip, then give us a shot! How? we don't know how, just learn to think and isip a way to inform us, without the comments box, and without any isip isip e-mail, we know that it's not that easy to think. But for sure, if you know where to look for, we know you can find it!

Imagine a world when the sum of all human knowledge is accessed for free, like Wikipedia! Nah.. this is irrelevant, but it's semi-relevant. Just learn to know where to look and you'll surely find it! Let's go isip isip!
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