Monday, October 20, 2008

Resignation Letter Sample

Are you tired of your day job? Are you thinking of quitting from it? Do you want to free yourself from being a corporation slave, be your own boss, and work at home? Then, then first thing to do is right a resignation letter. You need to write an effective and boss-friendly resignation letter. To let you boss know that you need to quit your job not because you don't love it, not because you are tired, not because you hate your boss, but because you think that you don't have the passion to do what you are programmed to do. It's simply telling you that you are happy with the job, but you don't have the mojos to do it anymore. Because nothing's constant in this little world but CHANGE. In order to write an effective resignation letter, you need to read a resignation letter sample. There are a lot of resignation letter samples in the world wide web, but there were only a few that's effective and written from-the-heart.

Here's a very nice resignation letter written by Jehzeel Laurente of Jehzlau Concepts. I hope it helps you write your own resignation letter. You are free to copy the lines, get ideas from it, or even copy it all without credits to the owner of the article. Just don't let him know that you copied it.
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