Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Post from Isip Isip

This is a new year post from Isip Isip. I don't know what to say but happy new year to everyone! Goodbye 2008, welcome 2009. Let's start once again! After 365 days, it's 2010 and we'll start once more. New year, new day, new calendar, and there's nothing else new. Just a new "year". But if you are a really keen observer, you will notice that the earth is just playing around with us. I mean not the earth, but the inventor of the calendar. Without the calendar, there's no new year. We will never notice that another year has come and the previous year was gone. We will get old, but we'll never know our age because we have no basis of our age. It's just like we are getting old and we don't know how old we are. I don't know what to say next, but, happy new year! Hehe.
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