Monday, January 19, 2009

Nyok Mordecayik Lisdi Munta Munta

Nyok Mordecayik Lisdi Munta Munta is a Wardraffian phrase which means I wanna eat. If you wanna eat just tell a Wardraffian Nyok Mordecayik Lisdi Munta Munta. Munta Munta is I or Me, it's singular and referring to oneself. Lisdi means wanna or I want. You can also use it if you need something like Kon Lisdi Munta Munta, or I want that! And Mordecayik means eat! If you've already eaten, you can use Mordecayik Iz (ate or have eaten in English). Iz can be added to any Wardraffian word and it's understood that it's past tense. And Nyok was added to all their phrases. It's like please or "po" in tagalog. It's always added in every sentence or phrase as respect to the second person. If there's no "Nyok" in a sentence, a Wardraffian is considered disrespectful to its fellow Wardraffian.

That's all for our Wardraff lessons today! Stay tuned for more Wardraff words, phrases and etc etc.. I'll be posting in this blog the facts, culture, countries, history, food, and everything about the Planet Wardraff.
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