Friday, January 30, 2009

Slept for more than 24 hours

Oh my, I never realized that I skipped 1 day in my life. Sleeping for more than 24 hours saves a lot of money, but it's like wasting 1 day of your life. I'm asleep for almost 30 hours and never realized how long it was because I'm sleeping.

I want to work but I'm so tired of working. The spirit of slacking is all over my nerves, my veins, and my heart. It's pounding with my heart every minute and every second. I can feel it all over my body. I breathe with it, eat with it, and live with it. I need to sleep now because I'm tired of writing. It's like having a coma voluntarily. I love it because I'm saving, but I'm wasting my time here on planet Earth. My mission here was no realized, no complied and forgotten into an unending war whole. I'm talking nonsense here, so goodbye and I'll sleep again. Good night everyone!
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