Monday, June 29, 2009

A Great Filipino President

I received an e-mail from Mensa Philippines e-Group. It's an opinion and a question from Jose Dado. A very interesting and worth-discussing question about the presidents in the Philippines.

So far, we haven't had a Great Filipino President.

Rizal could have been one, but he was executed by the Spanish government. We would have been for U.S. territoriship and eventual statehood.He was for reforms and not for independence until we are ready for it.

Quezon died before the Third Philippine Republic was established in 1945. Magsaysay died in a plane crash before he could be reelected to a second term and be a Great President.

Aquino could have been one, but he was assassinated in 1983, before he could replace Marcos. His assassination led to the ouster of Marcos in 1986 by People Power.

Ramos could have been a Great President if he had a second six-year term. Maybe we need a constitutional amendment allowing the reelection of a good president with safeguards against cheating by a bad president running for reelection.

These are just humble opinions.

Do we have a potential Great Filipino President running in 2010? Were he be able to run? Just asking.

If you have something to share. Please do.
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