Friday, March 6, 2009

First time experience: Buying outside eBay Philippines

This is a cross post from my eBay blog: My first eBay item bought outside the Philippines was finally here! At first I'm still skeptical of buying outside. I'm usually into meet-ups because I really don't trust people online even if they have had a lot of positive feedbacks. I only have a few in my list to whom I put my trust on.
This time, I was looking for an LCD protector for my W760i. A cheap LCD protector to be precise. I already checked the price inside nearby malls and it's around 700php each! Yep yep, around 700.00 pesos, roughly around $14.00 if converted to USD (based on today's exchange rate).

Good thing I considered eBay as one of my sources for cheap phone accessories. While I was searching for LCD protector for W760i, I found an item posted by yougoods88.

I'm really confident in buying the items because it's only worth $1.00 for 2pcs LCD Protector with 2pcs Cleaning Cloth! It's certified brand new and sealed.

The seller is from Hong Kong, so I expect that the item will arrive fast. And indeed! The item was here after I bought it 3 days ago. Isn't it fast? I really recommend this eBay seller if your planning to buy phone accessories in bulk.

And oh, while I'm waiting for the item I was also waiting for the upcoming UFC match this March 7, 2009. I've learned that I can watch UFC 96 Live Stream online and UFC 96: Jardine Vs Jackson live stream in a lot of live video streaming websites.

I'm really happy and more than satisfied of the item I received that's why I bought more from yougoods88 and I'm planning to just keep it in my good old phone-accessory box. In case I need one, I'll just grab one inside my nifty safe.

So to everyone who are planning to buy phone accessories, specially LCD protectors, don't forget to drop by I'm sure you'll get what you want, fast and on time!

And also, to all UFC fans out there, the UFC 96 Live Stream online is coming tomorrow so let's don't forget to watch and support our favorite UFC fighters! I bet the Dean of Mean will smash down Rampage. Who's your bet?
PS: Here's the picture of my W760i with my LCD protector. Isn't great? The protector is really clean, brand new, and unnoticeable. You really can't see if an LCD protector is present on the phone.
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